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45 Owt Fitness Challenge! Rent Bundle (47 videos) 45 Owt Fitness Challenge!

Omega Training Camp is back with our new 6 week weight loss, history learning, mental & physical health improving program to renew your enthusiasm for the fraternity leading into the grand conclave with 8 simple rules!

  1. Get thorough by reading 10 pages of the blue book then purple book daily (384 pages - history books not provided by Omega Training Camp)

  2. Supporting the fraternities "Brother you're on my mind initiative" by Calling a brother you haven’t talked to in a while

  3. Flush out the bad eating and toxins by drinking one gallon of water daily

  4. Lose weight by Following a high protein diet in a caloric deficit daily

  5. Improve leg strength by walking 30 minutes on an inclined treadmill 3 days a week (12% incline - 2 to 3 speed - for 30 mins)

  6. Maintain or grow some muscle by tapping the weights 3 days a week

  7. Lose 4 lbs at minimum by executing at least 2 sessions of Omega Training Camp weekly burning 1000~ calories a session

  8. Join the challenge and our community now!

After making the purchase, lets kickstart your 45 Owt journey!

Execute the rules of the challenge and @ us on social media so we can repost you  @mrtsuturnup / @omegatrainingcamp also to stay up to date with everything related to 45 Owt!

You will receive a welcome email from Omega Training Camp with a start up survey to capture some information before you start the program, and to provide you our branded social media templates for you to use to post and let the Bruhz know you've joined the camp!

There will not be a live zoom option to join classes but all sessions will be uploaded for you to execute unlimitedly by the next morning in an effort of giving bruhz the flexibility of executing at the time most convenient time!

You will have access to all videos in the 45 Owt Fitness Challenge for 1 year!

Lets be owt, Drop The Left! #OmegaTrainingCamp #45Owt

Disclaimers/Waiver and Release of Liability:

By your participation in Omega Training Camp, you agree that you are participating at your own risk. I acknowledge that Tomorrows Monday LLC, Omega Training Camp, and Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc do not assume responsibility for any injuries incurred, not limited to death in person or virtually. By your participation, you have consulted with my primary care provider and verified you are well enough to participate.

Total (including taxes)
USD $124.99  for 1 year rental