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65+ Hours of Hopping Exercise - This is our 30 day Free Trial into our monthly subscription that includes all Omega Training Camp Videos from the “Conclave Shred” 3-Month Program (36 videos), the “6 Weeks Owt: Homecoming Shred” Program (14 videos), and 'March Madness 2-Month Program (15 videos)!

Description of Programs:

“Conclave Shred” is for novice hopping bruhz looking to learn the basics through an instructional workout format in a 1 hour video per session!

“6 Weeks Owt” is for intermediate hopping bruhz who understand the basics and are looking to build endurance, improve health, learn new hops, and drop weight with our intense 1 hour video per session where “Knees To Chest is the Rest”!

"March Madness" is a 2-month intermediate program where brothers will execute “bruh moves” to music with calisthenic exercises while learning “marches” in a new hybrid approach!

By your purchase and participation, you have consulted with my primary care provider and verified you are well enough to participate, You agree and understand that your personal data provided may be used for reporting of results and marketing of future programs, and you will not hold Tomorrows Monday LLC, Omega Training Camp, or Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc liable for any injuries incurred throughout the program in person or virtually.

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USD $100.00/month after trial